We will gladly ship orders outside of the USA. However, there is a separate process for placing your order. Because shipping costs can vary greatly depending on the order itself and the destination, you will need to follow these steps to place your order. Once we receive the order, we will assess shipping charges and inform you of the total. If you approve of the total cost, you will be sent an invoice that will need to be paid before the order is shipped.

1. Create an account

2. While in your account, be sure to fill out your shipping address.

3. While logged into your account, navigate to the items you wish to purchase and add them to your wishlist.

4. Once your wishlist is complete, look at the bottom where the sharing icons are located and you will see the icon to copy the unique wishlist link to your clipboard. It will look similar to this: https://krazybear.com/wishlist/X55732/

5. With the Wishlist link copied, paste the link into the form below to submit your order.

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